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19 Jun 2019

Improving Education

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A workshop at the 2009 London Schools and the Black Child Conference

I have campaigned for many years on educational issues. In particular I have researched, organised and spoken out on the way in which the education system fails children of African and Afro-Caribbean descent. In the mid-nineties I began organising events in Hackney under the title "Hackney Schools and the Black Child". When I discovered that people attending these conferences were not only from other parts of London but from all over the country, I sought backing from the Mayor of London to hold a large London-wide conference. (Visit the London Schools and the Black Child section of my website for more details on this initiative)

I continue to raise important issues relating to education issues. I think it is vital that those children who are falling behind or not getting the most out of their education are not forgotten. Most recently I held debates in the House of Commons on the disproportionately high rate of school exclusions of Black boys and the lack of diversity in London teaching workforce. I believe that over the last 10 years there have been huge improvements to the education system. More money is spent on education than has ever been. But the fight must continue to ensure all children have equal access to the best possible education.

*For more information on my work in education please visit the London Schools and the Black Child website at:*



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