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Labour is fighting to freeze bills and break up the energy monopoly
Hackney Happenings

Fashion Opportunities for Young People in Hackney

Last Friday, in collaboration with the British Fashion Council, I hosted an event at Clapton Girls School for young people who are hoping to get into the fashion industry.

The event brought together students from schools all across the borough and gave them an opportunity to meet local designers, to get valuable insights into the industry, and make contacts which could help them secure placements further down the line.

This was a great chance for any students considering a career in fashion to meet successful professional working in the industry and hear about many of the challenges, opportunities and life experiences that they had when they were first starting out on this difficult but fascinating vocation.

Health Matters
Protecting Girls from Female Genital Mutilation

Going on the last available data there are more than 23,000 girls in the UK who are currently at risk of FGM, and more than 60,000 women who are now living with its consequences. 

The only way that we are going to be able to prevent this violation of the bodies of young girls is to get serious about prosecution. In 2003 it was made illegal for people to take girls abroad for them to be cut, but since that time there have been no prosecutions on the basis of this law.

It is clear that to see successful enforcement of the law then we need to start changing our approach. Our strategy should include routine medical examinations, ensuring that if people flout the 1985 and 2003 acts against FGM they know that they will actually face the risk of prosecution.
Masculinity and role of men in society
Diane Abbott MP talks to the BBC about masculine identity and the role of men in society.
Advice Surgery for Constituents

Do you live in Hackney North and Stoke Newington? And do you have a housing, immigration or welfare rights problem? Come to see me and my staff for confidential advice. To book an appointment call my senior caseworker George on: 0207 219 4330 or email chalkiasg@parliament.uk

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